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New Video: The 'hoax' that was just a fraud

New Video: The 'hoax' that was just a fraud

Three academics claim to have demonstrated the fundamental corruption of the humanities, specifically Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, and other disciplines they collectively refer to as "Grievance Studies". They spent a year writing and submitting fake papers to journals in these fields, and conclude that because some of them were accepted, these disciplines need to be remodelled.

In this video essay I use the responses of other academics and writers on Twitter, in the days following the publication of their essay on the website Areo, to make the argument that they have in fact proved nothing at all beyond (i) that peer review is imperfect and (ii) bad research sometimes gets published, both of which were facts we already knew. Instead of a good-faith attempt to sound the alarm about bad scholarship, Pluckrose, Lindsay and Boghossian have engaged in a cynical and unethical media stunt designed primarily to get publicity and sell Helen Pluckrose's future book.

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Helen Pluckrose, editor-in-chief of Areo and self-styled “exile from the humanities”, is writing a whole book on “grievance studies” and epistemology in left-wing academia, which this hoax was in no way a publicity stunt for.

They’re also friends with Spiked and the Institute of Ideas, which I already assumed they would be based on the similarities between Spiked/Quillette/Areo, but can now be confirmed.

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Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay are the same people behind last year’s “The Conceptual Penis” ‘hoax’, which attempted to get a nonsense argument into a peer-reviewed journal, and had to settle for publishing it in a borderline predatory pay-to-access journal. They used this as proof that Gender Studies is fundamentally compromised.

The original article: https://areomagazine.com/2018/10/02/academic-grievance-studies-and-the-corruption-of-scholarship/

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