Dr Tim Squirrell is a writer, broadcaster and researcher. He focusses on internet culture and extremism, specialising in the far right and misogynist extremists.

New article at The Independent: why Incels are more (and more violent) than just Men's Rights Activists

There's been quite a lot of attention paid to incel communities since Alek Minassian, who stands accused of ten counts of murder, was found to be a member. A lot of the mainstream media don't really know much about incels and they're writing as though they were just another set of misogynists. They are, of course, misogynists, but they're also a lot more than that. I wrote a piece for the Independent which lays out their ideology, showing precisely why it necessarily leads to violence, and why this isn't the last act of misogynist terrorism we're likely to see from them.

For what it's worth, I think it's important that we label this as misogynist terrorism, because that's precisely what it is. Men like Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian kill others because they feel entitled to women's bodies and they feel deprived of that entitlement. Moreover, they do so because they think that the world is fundamentally skewed against them, and that they will never change that. The only options left to them are misery or a violent end.

Men are being radicalised into believing that the world is not just dominated by women and attractive men, but that this is the way it always will be and that they are being marginalised as a result. I don't have the solution to this, but we definitely need to have a conservation about what policies we should be putting in place in order to prevent more men deciding that murder or suicide is the solution to their inability to have sex.

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