Tim Squirrell is a PhD candidate in Science and Technology Studies at the University of Edinburgh. His research focusses on construction and negotiation of authority and expertise on the internet, with a focus on fitness and nutrition communities.

New article on Quartz: Why Reddit still won't ban The_Donald

In a move that's likely to put me on a few watch lists, I've written an article for Quartz which goes into some details on why The_Donald is still up and running in spite of the fact that it continually breaks site-wide rules and a large number of other, smaller communities have long since been banned.

Essentially, it makes them a shedload of money. All talk about "freedom of speech" and "unheard voices" is just bluster; they'd ban them the moment it became financially beneficial to do so (just like they did with every other nasty subreddit over the years). If you're one of the people sending screenshots to advertisers of their products next to hate speech all over reddit, keep at it.


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