Proofreading and editing services

I'm an award-winning, highly experienced tutor, available for private tutoring both in person and online. I provide highly competitive rates for proofreading and editing of both academic work (essays, dissertations, theses) and other kinds of writing (applications, cover letters, CVs and creative writing). I have marked hundreds of essays, and my essay guides are used by courses at universities around the world to help students understand how their work can be improved. I specialise in providing specific guidance on how to write to achieve optimal results in university essays and dissertations.

What does it cost?

Mainstream proofreading and editing services will typically cost upwards of £30 per 1000 words. My prices begin at £15 per 1000 words, based on a 48-72 hour turnaround. If you need it in less than that, you can take the normal price and add 50% to guarantee a turnaround in under 48 hours. If you need it in under 24 hours, contact me directly and we can make arrangements.

What do I get?

Every piece you submit will be subject to both proofreading and editing processes. First, I'll read it over with an eye to understanding and analysing the logic, style and flow. This involves making edits and suggestions to organise the ideas both within and between paragraphs; commenting on weaknesses in argumentation, use of evidence and tone; and stylistic coherency and consistency. After that, I'll make more technical edits and suggestions. These include editing for spelling, grammar and typos; inconsistencies in spelling, names and formatting; confusing or inappropriate formatting; and inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate language. I'll also check over the referencing and ensure that your citations and bibliography are consistent.

Note that I will not write new material, paraphrase or rewrite your work. Proofreading and editing are allowed, and even encouraged, by universities. Having work written for you is both unethical and a violation of plagiarism rules.

You can directly purchase the proofreading and editing services below. 

Service details:

Pieces of up to 5,000 words are based on a 72-hour turnaround time.

Pieces over 5,000 words are based on a 7-day turnaround time. Expedited turnarounds on this service are available, also based on a 50% premium. For turnarounds of less than 72 hours on pieces over 5,000 words, please contact me directly in order to make arrangements.

For pieces of 20,000 words or over, please contact me directly.

Once you have paid, please send an email to timsquirrell (at) gmail (dot) com with proof of purchase and the document to be edited both attached. Please include "Proofread and Edit" in the subject line.

You can also get in touch at my Contact page.